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Mr. Stephen Taylor's

in yer ear*

* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
compass magazine, july 2001


By Hsiao Kuang of FM97.7 Family Radio Translated by Tien-ti Wang


Music Type: Rock & Blues; Latin Jazz


Hei Niu, vocals; Ah-tsung, saxophone; Ah-lu, bass;
Ah-min, percussion; Apple, keyboard; Ah-hsin, guitar

Most local Taichung bands can be classified into two categories--those dedicated to creating their own music, the so-called "underground bands"; and those who play covers in larger pubs, known as the "performing bands". Musicians in performing bands are generally more talented and more professional than those in underground bands. Repeated performances of the same songs can lead to burnout, making it hard for the latter group to pursue the ideals of all musicians.
However, SIXBOMBS, is an exception. The solid skills and strong rapport of its members--veteran singers and musicians with more than 10 years' experience--are evident in the balance and quality of their performances. In addition to pop songs, they play music that highlights specific instruments, as the band believes that any instrument can play a central role in a musical piece. The band's risk-taking experimental style allows them to bring cover versions of old hits (Sting's "Every Breath You Take", for example) to life.
"We have fun with music," says Ah-hsin. Although many performing bands have to give up their musical ideals due to financial pressure, band reorganization and the passage of time, the members of SIXBOMBS, all over 30, have a level of stamina usually only found in younger performers. The band admits that they sometimes argue vehemently over new ideas about how to perform a song they have done hundreds of times. Nevertheless, that's how they create great performances.

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