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Macy Gray/The Id/ Sony

This follow-up album outdoes Macy's debut "On How It Is". Most of the lyrics were written by Macy herself and reveal much about her philosophy on life, love and sex. The music is a mix of soul, rock and hip-hop. Just like her first album, it is easy to tell that Macy has had her share of hard knocks. She has not only survived them, but has also learned to laugh about them. Her unique ability to mix reality with humor makes it easy to listen to her music again and again, each time finding something new or learning a little bit more about her. -by Cheryl Robbins


Gigi Leung/Transparent/Feng Hua

Gigi's record company recruited famous Hong Kong novelist Cheung Siu Han to oversee lyrics for the entire project. To better realize the potential of her voice, the producer encouraged Gigi to use different singing techniques in her interpretations of the songs. The artist has even done a bit of composing on this album. "God Says" is a collaboration between Gigi and Taozi--two artists who have long admired each other's work. The multi-talented Taozi took over lyrical duties while Gigi composed the rest. To find out what kind of musical sparks fly when these two get together, go out and get "Transparent". -provided by FM97.7 Family Radio


Shunza/Dear Shunza/EMI

This is the second album that Shunza has produced herself. It is a mix of ballads and harder-edged material. Sentimental selections include the quiet and restrained "Dear Friend" and the majestic "Sentimental Attachment." On "It's Cold Outside", Shunza accompanies herself on guitar. Shunza's singing displays a rhythm that far exceeds that of other female Taiwanese singers. From the house-flavored disco style of "And I Know" to the funk-rock "Happy", the mysterious drum-and-bass-like "Destiny", the more relaxed and sunny "Loneliness in the Nick of Time" and the romantic and sanguine "Fly Away", listeners will find that Shunza's at the top of her game. -provided by FM97.7 Family Radio


Lin Hai/Moonlight Frontier/Wind

Music critics call Lin Hai--the most noted pianist in both China and Taiwan--a genius with an Eastern right hand and a Western left hand. He has also been described as having "the temperament of Chopin, as well as the languidness and elegance of Debussy.¡¨ The first time you listen to this CD, you will be brought into the warm moonlight and into touch with your feelings. Lin Hai's piano music is slow and unhurried, the perfect companion on a cold lonely night, or to relieve the stress of the day. This CD contains 12 tracks of mellow piano music that take you away from the noise of the world and allow you to interact with your spirit. -by Rachel Chiou


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