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Although "Parachutes" was released back in July, 2000, it is still receiving popular and critical acclaim, even winning this year's Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. That's probably because this is a rock album, but not too hard and not too soft. The lyrics are simple, but direct, without the pop "I need you, baby" drivel. Many are familiar with the single "Yellow" which showcases the vocal range of Chris Martin. Other tracks are more hard-driving, such as "Spies" and "Shiver". Overall, this is an album that is both easy to listen to and easy to relate to on an emotional level.--By Cheryl Robbins


Anarchy/Anarchy In Taiwan/Crystal

This first release by Anarchy adheres to the band¡¦s past musical style and content, namely dissatisfaction and disappointment with Taiwan¡¦s political environment. Tracks include the satirical ¡§Lee Teng-hui¡¦s Jaw Drops¡¨ and¡§Buried Alive¡¨, recalling the Lincoln Mansions disaster in which part of this housing complex collapsed during a typhoon. ¡§Buried Alive¡¨ refers to the loss of innocent lives in that disaster and the resulting loss of confidence in the government. ¡§White Egret¡¨ is a folk rock song concerned with the sacrifice of the environment in the face of social changes and utilitarianism. In addition, the unique inlay notes consist of artwork that connects the ideas expressed in each of the tracks. --By Selena Huang


Sammi Cheng/Giving Up/Warner Music

Sammi Cheng is one of the most popular singers in Asia. Her newest album includes the techno single ¡§Without a Trace.¡¨ However, what Sammi is best known for is her love songs and fans will not be disappointed with the title track ¡§Giving Up¡¨. ¡¨Ignorant Mix Remix¡¨ includes elements from traditional Chinese opera in an attempt to combine and contrast Western and Asian music. On this album, Sammi also tries her hand at rap and creates some riveting rhythms on ¡§Talk Straight¡¨. As if that was not enough variety, Sammi shows off her remarkable vocal talents on some fast numbers and sings a duet, ¡§In Midair¡¨, with Gigi Leung. --Provided by FM97.7 Family Radio


Dai Ai-ling/Magic/Virgin

Virgin Records has chosen Dai Ai-ling as its first artist to promote in 2002. Like most aboriginal artists, she has an outstanding voice and stage presence. To ensure that her vocal talents were fully brought out on this album, Virgin brought in a number of foreign professionals to accompany her. These include Bryan Adams' drummer, the bassist for Diana Ross, Cindy Lauper, Mark Anthony and Bette Midler, the saxophonist that played on Billy Joel¡¦s ¡§Just the Way You Are¡¨, and guitarist and keyboard player for Hall and Oates. This album combines a number of different styles including hip-hop, Latin, disco, rock, rap, jazz and R&B. --Provided by FM97.7 Family Radio



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