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Karen Mok/[i]/Sony

On her Sony debut album, Karen Mok's voice remains as brilliant as ever. The lyrics are profound, but still understandable. Both melodies and lyrics complement her dramatic vocal style. The first song, "Love", begins with Karen singing quietly. The drums join in in the middle of the song, creating the sense of constrained emotions being let loose. Other songs on the album, including "Original Sin", "Boyfriend and Girlfriend", "Not Necessarily", and "I Will Be Fine", vary in tone and style. Taken together, the 11 songs weave a finely textured musical tapestry.--Provided by FM97.7 Family Radio


Josh Groban/Josh Groban/Warner

David Foster has done it again. The 14-time Grammy winning producer has found yet another superlative talent in Josh Groban. Groban, a 21-year-old baritone, has a robust voice that is as suited to popular tunes as it is to classical arias. In early 1999, he sang at the Grammies with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, and with Sarah Brightman on her La Luna concert tour. You'll also recognize his voice as half of the duet that sang "For Always", the theme song for Steven Spielberg's "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" (Canadian sensation Lara Fabian was the other half of the duet). This album will appeal to fans of artists like Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. --Provided by FM97.7 Family Radio


"Goodbye Firefly" Original Soundtrack/Scarecrow

This is the soundtrack to the wildly popular television series "Goodbye Firefly". Every song on this album was written specifically for the show. Songs include the opener, "Goodbye Firefly", the closer, "Where Are You My Love?", and interludes "Love Forever" and "Sequence". The music is well-rounded, with saxophone, piano and other instrumental accompaniment for most songs. Overwhelming response to news about the album's release has resulted in the recording company's agreement to give away a number of extras with each CD, giving fans even more reason to buy the soundtrack.--Provided by FM97.7 Family Radio


Gregor Theelen/Music for Friends of the Whales/Wind

This new release, distributed by Wind Records, combines instrumental music with the sounds of nature. The music is soft and flows and dances like reeds in a slow-moving river. This is mixed with whale calls both loud and faint depending on the distance at which they were recorded. Dutch composer Gregor Theelen and a recording engineer spent months at sea, following whale pods and recording their sounds. The result is 15 tracks that reveal the expansiveness and freedom of nature. Gregor Theelen was born into a family of musicians and his accomplishments include composing songs for movies and musicals.--By Rachel Chiou



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