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COMPASS MAGAZINE, August 2002. Translated by Ruby Lee

Captain Peanut / Oh My God! / I Make Music

Captain Peanut¡¦s party starts with the first song of this album, "Boppa Nova,¡¨ which mixes a Bossa tempo and chorus. This album features guitar and saxophone and comes with a little flute music. The song, ¡§When You Talk To Computer¡¨, features talking, breathing and guitar playing. It's clear that Captain Peanut loves to entertain as they constantly alter musical styles, such as "Disconova" which will remind listeners of the "love boat" era of cruise ship travel. At the end of the album, two Bossa Nova songs also include guitar, simple percussion instruments and saxophone.¡XProvided by I Make Music


Chiang Mei Chi / Once Again / Virgin

Many people will say that Chiang Mei Chi's newest album shows that she is getting more mature. Due to the demands of the market and the need to seek her own style, Mei Chi has found a place for her own music that differs from previous albums where she was still exploring. Sandee Chen, who has a strong feminist streak, produced ¡§Once Again¡¨, which is a mix between folk and trance music. The love song "To Waste a Lover's Patience" was written by Mei Chi and A-Hsing and Monster of the group May Day. Those looking for music to add to their summer fun should pick up this album.¡XBy Selena Huang


Soul Mates / Danny Wright / Jingo

"Soul Mates" is the first album for Danny Wright released under the Real Music label and distributed by Jingo in Taiwan. "Soul Mates" features the smooth piano music of Danny Wright. This artist has been a Steinway spokesman since 1992, sharing this honor with such famous stars as Elton John. Steve Ryals, a music critic with New Age Retailer magazine in the U.S., gave Danny high praises calling him¡§a romantic composer and a sensitive pianist with a pair of hands that are very capable of expressing emotion.¡¨ If you love piano music, this is one album you won't want to miss.--Provided by Jingo


The Stories of VuVu / Wind

Mixing fairy tale music, a "talking" book and fairy tale paintings, Wind Records has released its newest album, 'The Stories of Vuvu." Aborigine writer Sakinu has been invited to write stories about the Dutch and Aborigines from the island's 10 tribes. The legend of Dau, the Atayal hero that shoots the suns, the leopard hero of Rukai and the story of the Puyuma River of the Puyuma tribe are included. Classical musician Peng Jing, who has studied in Germany, uses her talents to compose exotic and classical music to stimulate the imaginations of listeners. In addition, illustrator MoHo has created a colorful and vivid world for these stories.--Provided by Wind Records



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