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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
Captain Peanut,
Taiwan's Thirty-something Band Scores...Again!

By Selena Huang / Photos and information provided by imake Music Translated by Lisa Chiu

     If you think Taiwan's rock stars are just spoiled, rowdy kids, you need to get out more. Captain Peanut, a group of talented thirty-something musicians, has broken the mould!

     There are no attitude problems here. Ah-bi Ke (lead singer), Yeh Fe (bass), Ma Wei-jen (drums), Oluto (sax) and Yung-dah (guitar and keyboard) are cool, confident and comfortable at this point in their lives. By day, they wear suits and ties and hold down office jobs; by night they hold their own on stage with a sweet blend of Bosa Nova and Rock, a first in Taiwan. Fame is not the name of their game, they just enjoy putting out good music.

     Heavy metal fans are probably familiar with Captain Peanut, albeit under a different name. Known as Human Dog and Ants, then Scum, the group was a Spring Scream standby in earlier days wowing the crowds with punk and acid rock. But, what's with the new name? The short answer: the band loves peanuts.

     These guys have been around the musical block. Their new album, "Oh My God!" demonstrates genuine creative talent grounded on years of performing and a variety of stylistic interests. It's their first recorded effort combining smooth Latino beats with hard driving rock and a live concert-like feel.

     The band's concept is that music should be fun and relaxing, just like fishing, or any leisure activity that people do just for pure enjoyment. For Captain Peanut, fun comes easy and so does good music!

Band members:
Lead singer-Ah-bi Ke
Bass-Yeh Fe
Drums-Ma Wei jen
Guitar and keyboard-Yung dah




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