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COMPASS MAGAZINE, September 2002. Translated by Ruby Lee

Vanness Wu / Body Can Sing / Sony Music

       Focusing on R&B, Hip Hop and Funk, this album combines unconventional and popular dance music to create a unique sound. Whether fast or slow, all songs on this album are full of energy and rhythm, driving the listener to move and dance with the music. Furthermore, while performing each song, Vanness has invented his own creative space. For example, the single, "Looking for Juliet," is produced like a movie soundtrack, mysterious yet explosive, as if traveling between time and space. In "I Hate Myself," Vanness boldly speaks out for today's young adults about the difficulties of having to contradict themselves in everyday life. "Lonely Plaza" explores the post-party feeling of emptiness. The whole album intertwines fast dance songs with slow love ballads, taking the listener through an exciting adventure in music.


Chen Chi Jen / Guitarist, Groupies / Magic Stone

       In Chen Chi Jen's third album, her musical style is more varied and has more layers of development. Chen was inspired to name her new album, "Guitarist, Groupies," after watching the film "Almost Famous." She found that, in the two years since her last album, her role behind the scenes was very much like that of groupies who travel with their favorite bands from concert to concert, maintaining a passion and commitment to the music. With her new song, "Guitarist," Chen illustrates a fan's longing to capture the attention of her idol and the fulfillment of her anticipation in the split second their eyes meet. "Lying in Your Closet" hints at the thin line that separates happiness and sadness in a moment of love. Chen sings this song softly, but the electric guitar and drums create background music of violent craze. "Too Smart" writes about the contradicting feelings of being "afraid that you'll see through me, but also afraid that you won't understand me" when being in love.


Chairman / Eleven Tai / Plum Music

       This is Chairman Band's third album and band members proclaim it as their favorite album. Lead singer and songwriter Ah Ji believes that the Taiwanese language has a grassroots-culture quality and meshes naturally with the direct and straightforward attitude that characterizes rock. In "Night Shift", the band features a good friend as the DJ, mixing a techno element into the song that takes the listener by surprise. "Burning Music" and "Beetle nut Girl" poke fun at how everyone wants to become an overnight millionaire and is fittingly complemented with energetic punk music. "My Dear Beef Noodle Soup" uses segments from the live performance of "Riverside Messages," creating a surreal sense of being at a concert. "Crazy Pig Brother" is Chairman Band's tribute to the late Kwan Yu, allowing fans to reminisce about the wild-yet-naive yet adorable former lead singer.


Yiruma / First Love / Wind Record

       Yiruma is preeminent at using music to portray love stories in the city. In his music, he blends Eastern love ballads with Western classical musical styles. His music often presents a feeling of gentle rays of sunlight finding its way through window curtains. Sometimes, his music gives listeners warmth and sometimes feels like a quiet murmur next to your ear or the unspeakable words of passion hidden in the depths of your heart. The single, "When the Love Falls," was chosen for the soundtrack of "Winter Love Song," Korea's most popular TV drama series in 2002. Yiruma's music was used to express the leading actress' inner emotional turmoil. As a result, the Korean public has tagged him as the new musical voice for the young generation. Not only does this album have piano solos, but also some songs that include duets with a cello.



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