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COMPASS MAGAZINE, February 2003.

Translated by Matthew Godsey

Chen Jian-nian (Paudull)/Mother Earth/Taiwan Color Music

       This album contains the musical sentiments of Taiwan¡¦s Puyuma tribe. Cheng Jie-ren, who worked on Chen Jian-nian¡¦s first album ¡§Ocean,¡¨ produced ¡§Mother Earth.¡¨ Chen says that, ¡§Cheng is the only producer of Chinese descent able to create a true aboriginal music album.¡¨ On ¡§Mother Earth,¡¨ in addition to Chen¡¦s original blues style, he tries some light jazz and reggae. He even throws in a song usually performed by the Amis tribe at celebrations. Although not listed in the album contents the 14th track is a live recording called ¡§Guanshan Cooperative Song.¡¨ For more information, see this month¡¦s ¡§In Yer Ear¡¨ feature.--By Vito Lee

We Save Strawberries/The Solar System/Crystal Records

       As its name suggests, ¡§We Save Strawberries¡¨ sounds sugary yet reassuring, with notes dissolving, gradually permeating and melting into splendid hues. The song, ¡§At Ease,¡¨ describes the boredom and distress of a woman¡¦s menstrual period. The melodies of ¡§Cigarettes¡¨ and ¡§The Solar System¡¨ float like misty clouds. The three-part ¡§Bad Dream,¡¨ with its retro rock approach, is about the intertwining of guilt and nightmares of love.--Provided by Crystal Records.

cia cia/her sheen way/gamma music

       The New Age woman¡¦s consciousness is revealed in this album¡¦s lyrics about past and present love. Unique, meticulous, and with a touch of black humor, it is like meeting Carrie from ¡§Sex and the City.¡¨ In ¡§Mr. Right,¡¨ new lovers sweetly conjecture on ambiguously flirtatious moments: ¡§Though I don¡¦t remember what you smell like, when I smell you I get high." The album is light rock with some electrical elements, hip and distinctive.--By Selena

Robbie Williams/ Escapology/ EMI

       Robbie and his longtime creative partner Guy Chambers co-wrote most of the songs on this new album. The hit single, ¡§Feel,¡¨ is an American-style love song in which Robbie sings about true love and defective souls. ¡§Love Somebody¡¨ is a comfortable folk song, an insight suggesting that Robbie, a rock superstar, deep down desires a calm, settled life. A heavy metal piece, ¡§Song3,¡¨ features a chorus by Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit.--By Selena

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