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Translated by Matthew Godsey

Oofot / Secret Rendezvous / Winds

       Oofot¡¦s latest album ¡§Secret Rendezvous¡¨ is a combination of world, mood, tribal and folk music. Northern Norway¡¦s lost melody of Ofoten as the backbone plus contemporary arrangement and performing style, listeners will enjoy a brand new acoustic experience. The voice of the lead female vocal is adaptable vary from strong robust to faint drifts. Highly recommended is ¡§Shifting Earth¡¨ whose primal life force rivals drinking songs for the old. Those who are into electrical sounds will appreciate ¡§Melancholy Boy¡¨ and ¡§Face¡¨. ¡V From Winds Records, translated by Yvonne Chen

50 Cent/Get Rich Or Die Tryin' / Shady/Aftermat

       Famed for his real life gangster background, bullet wounds and prison time, 50 Cent is back and backed by Eminem (whose own label apparently signed him for $1 million), who describes 50 cent as "the illest motherf**ker in the world." 50 Cents uses his authenticity in gangsta rap to full effect, simultaniously threatening the world and asking for our prayers on his behalf - which, while it may stretch our logic a bit, provides a little power fantasy boost to the listener. This album, which includes one of the last of Jam Master Jay's productions, is already powering ahead on the charts in the US. --By Sara Johnson


Doves/ The Last Broadcast / Capitol

       Doves, a British group formed in 2000, have become acclaimed through their second album. The Last Broadcast isn¡¦t as complex as their debut Lost Souls, but makes for much brighter and better listening. This stunning album offers songs that give you bursts of happiness, renewed energy and more. Two that evoke these feelings are ¡§Catch The Sun¡¨ and ¡§There Goes the Fear¡¨. Listen to my favorite, ¡§Caught By the River¡¨ which always gets me singing if nobody else is around. If you¡¦re a fan of Radiohead, Coldplay, The Verve, etc., check out The Last Broadcast by Doves. -- By Adam Zahler

Ministry/Animositisomina /Sanctuary

       Originally a derivitive synth pop act with fake English accents, Ministry re-invented themselves as a one of the best industrial dance acts of the late¡¦ 80s and early¡¦ 90s. After two poorly received efforts, Ministy's latest is being hailed as something of a re-birth. Returning to earlier sounds and showing their background in an excellent cover of Magazine's ¡§The Light Pour's Out of Me¡¨, this new effort showcases Ministry's inventive abilities with challenging lyrics, heavy, twisted guitar riffs and industrial noise. - by ¡§General¡¨ Lee Kluless

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