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Translated by Matthew Godsey

Fan Zong-pei/Crystal Boys original soundtrack/Wind

       The "Crystal Boys" TV drama is based on the story of the conflict between a father and his homosexual son, and the son's status as an outcast in Taipei society in the 1970s. Fan composed ten of the tracks, while legendary Taiwanese pianist Lin Hai composed the remaining two. Fan is also a well-known cellist, and his masterful playing techniques are at the centerpiece of his compositions. Other instruments include the oboe and harmonica. It is not necessary to have seen the drama to enjoy the beauty and depth of the compositions, and the talent of the great musicians that perform them. --By Cheryl Robbins

Pao/ Transcend

       Malaysian rock singer-songwriter Pao takes her music to the limit in Transcend. Influenced by various styles, this impressionistic musical journey transcends genres and reflects Pao's unique style, with songwriter Yu Yong-jing helping bring the music alive. --By C'est le Nanan, translated by Patricia Li (§õ¨Ø¾§)

oves/ The Last Broadcast / Capitol

       This album incorporates hip hop, jazz, drum "n" bass, dub/reggae, and a fusion of eastern and western styles. The lead singer plays on words, such as in Japanese Impersonation, where he utters things even a Japanese person can't understand. The lyrics of Parisian Me are incomprehensible babble, and perhaps only religious sect leader Xing Hai can interpret the chanting in Kin-Gei-Gei. The band wants to express music surpassing language and definition, which requires a careful ear to hear the inspired purity of the music. --By C'est le Nanan, translated by Patricia Li (§õ¨Ø¾§)

100th Window/ Massive Attack/ EMI

       This Brit-Pop band integrates Bristol soul, hip hop, rap, reggae, dub, ambient, and swingbeat elements in their fourth album. It transforms dark and tormented goth-hop into a softer, gentler experience, while the delicate precision of their music remains untouched. Guest artists Sinead O' Connor and Blur's lead singer, Damon Albarn, perform with them in Small Time Shot Away. Sinead sings on What Your Soul Sings, A Prayer for England, and Special Cases. --By Selena Huang, translated by Patricia Li (§õ¨Ø¾§)

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