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Translated by John Johnson

Unicorn/ Mathew Lien/ Winds

       ¡§Unicorn¡¨ is one of Mathew Lien¡¦s earliest video recordings. This collection's 12 songs are all based on Lien¡¦s personal experiences, including his first love, as seen in ¡§Very Much to Me,¡¨ the first time he came in contact with the Yukon wilderness, in ¡§Kluane,¡¨ and when he was seven and went for the first time to the Arctic Ocean, in ¡§In Search of Home.¡¨ One might be tempted to look for blemishes, but Lien encourages others, via his own mistakes, to doggedly pursue their own dreams.

Meteora/ Linkin Park/ Warner

       The first single, ¡§Somewhere I Belong,¡¨ relies on their gloomy guitar style and lyrics to produce an album which meets all expectations. ¡§Don¡¦t Stay,¡¨ ¡§Lying From You,¡¨ and ¡§Hit the Floor¡¨ stick to the customary relentless Nu-metal, while even the guitar volume and anger release a new ferocity. ¡§Nobody¡¦s Listening¡¨ reveals an Eastern mystical flavor. The only bone of contention is the orchestrated Breakbeat Loop heard in ¡§Faint,¡¨ a song which later bursts into Techno-rock. They also use a ten member orchestra and soloist in ¡§Breaking the Habit,¡¨ a surprisingly smooth Emo-core rock and roll song.

Come Away with Me/ Norah Jones/ EMI

       Norah Jones put together a collection of eclectic songs, comprising the title track ¡§Come Away with Me,¡¨ plus ¡§Nightingale¡¨ and ¡§The Long Day is Over.¡¨ She uses one of the songs of country music great Hank Williams, ¡§Cold, Cold Heart¡¨ infusing it with a Western-Swing style. At the same time, she uses John Loudermilk¡¦s blues classic ¡§Turn Me On.¡¨ This collection uses blues, soul, and country influences, mixing these elements to produce a relaxed and natural sound.

Tizzy Bac/ TRA Music

       Tizzy Bac, a keyboards, bass and jazz-drums trio, combines the lax yet beautiful sounding vocals of the lead singer/keyboards player to produce a surprisingly unique sound. The songs, ¡§Concession,¡¨ ¡§Dear, baby where is my wing?¡¨ and ¡§Multiply,¡¨ are worthy of attention. Tizzy Bac skillfully mixes New Order-like characteristics, Fronte vocals, and Looping, for a unique flavor. You can discover rock, techno, and jazz elements in these tracks.

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