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The COMPASS Group, June 2003.

Translated by Kevin Lax

Shanghai Lounge/ V.A/ HighNote

       Shanghai's progress has exceeded many people's expectations. Likewise, this Shanghai Lounge CD, from the Ibiza hit "Cafe de Flore" by Doctor Rocket (aka Deep House's Herbert) to the reworking of Nat King Cole's 1948 "Nature Boy" by the UK duo Fila Brazilia (performed by Bowie and Massive Attack in the film Moulin Rouge), will also exceed the expectations of many people.

Wasted Love /Xiao An/Universal

       Xiao An's music has a powerful rhythm and prominent electric guitar sound, with lyrics that border on the explicit. U2, Smash Mouth, George Lynch, Steve Salas, and others are influences. The song "Wa Kao" (roughly translated from the Taiwanese as "Oh, shit") tells a story of something that happened in Xiao An's life. It features the classic line "Wa kao, playing around like this behind my back, I hope you get VD." Xiao An's direct and unaffected style means that you will like this song as soon as you hear it. She uses music to frankly express rebelliousness, anger, unhappiness, and deep feelings.

It's Summer Time/ Firefly/ Wind

       This CD of instrumental music was made by a musician who lives reclusively in the hills near Taipei. It is a record of all he sees on his travels and in the lives of farmers. The CD emits a feeling of wind and golden sunlight. The clarinet mimics the night call of the owl; the simple sound of the cello shows the indolence of the old water buffalo; and the piano is like the afternoon breeze in summer.

Televise/ Calla/ Magnum

       Like lead singer Valle says, Televise is a CD to be listened to at 9am. The first song "Strangler," sees the lead singer accompanied by a slow drumbeat and guitar sound that alternates between light and heavy. The next song, " Monument," sees the basist drawing the outline of reggae Dub and has a confused atmosphere. The third song, " Astral," has an eerie depressing beauty. The song, "Don't hold Your Breath" tells you to close your mouth and nostrils and wait til the climax at the end to breath again.

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