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The COMPASS Group, August 2003.

Translated by Kevin Lax

BRAVE 20 - a movie soundtrack by Luantan Ascent/ Luantan Ascent/ Chockablock

       This is the soundtrack to the movie "Brave 20." In the short span of 30 minutes, Luantan Ascent uses rock instruments and ambiant sound effects to convey the self-banishing interwoven feelings of confusion, pain, struggle and courage expressed in the movie. Also, the two original songs created for the movie--"I Won't Stay For You" and "Backed Into A Corner"--are poignant and full of life's struggles.

ROCK TEAM/ BackQuarter/ Plum Music

       The rock'n'roll spirit is captivating in "Rock Team," the latest album from BackQuarter The main single, "Goodbye Devil," is a continuation of traditional hard rock. The other songs on the album, in the styles of retro disco, jazz funk, psychedelic rock etc., make the band even more appealing. Being baseball fans, the group has written a song, "Rock Team," about the sport, in which guitarist Hu-shen demonstrates a previously-hidden talent for rap.

The Sound Of Mzee / High Note

       The German company Mzee presents an eclectic collection called "The Sound Of Mzee." DJs specialized in Breakbeats have put together the top European combo of Def Cut, DJ Roughneck, Kolute, Rob Roc Ski and Stieber Twins. The track is full of hip-hop elements peppered with electronic sound effects and, of course, the DJs' superior scratching skills. The moment you press Play, a happening large party will take place, full of Breakbeat rhythm and interchanging funk and hip-hop beats that will make everyone want to dance.

Chill-Lounge In Taipei / High Note

       "Chill-Lounge In Taipei" looks at this land from through the eyes of Taipei City. The dual-CD collection contains examples of Down Tempo, Trip-Hop, and Nu-jazz, therapeutic magic which leads listeners to relax in calm comfortable space, to leave behind their troubles, and enjoy their personal spa time. Like "Indiano," Trip-Hop has rhythm, a beautiful melody, and an ethnic voice. "Maria," the Chinese-air song by Down Beat, is emotional and descriptive. Finally, a sensual piano piece, "The Wanderer," brings the album to a perfect close.

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