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The COMPASS Group, September 2003.

Translated by April Lin

The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones/ New York City/ Hi Note

       The famous female jazz vocalist, Norah Jones, worked together in collaboration with the well known jazz musician, Peter Malick, to bring us the single “New York City”. This single was first released around the time of the September 11th tragedy, and is also included in her newly released album. The new track “Strange Transmissions” is a blues tone that reveals a new maturity in Norah's voice. Her unique magnetic voice blends perfectly with Bob Dylan's in their duet “Heart of Mind”. The whole album is filled with melodies that bring out the best of Norah. Peter's guitar accompanies Norah's moving voice to present you with this must hear album.

Won-Fu/ The album of the same name and surname/ Wonder Music

       Won-Fu is a band known for their fun personalities. As editor, I recommend everyone who's feeling a little down to listen to their music. I guarantee that their up-lifting spirits will for sure cheer anyone up! This band plays mostly punk, but their style has a bit of sweetness to it, unlike the hard-core punk music most US bands play. They are trying to strive for the image of being a cute band. Quoting from the lead singer Felix, "When we write our songs, our only focus is on the melody. We don't pay too much attention on our lyrics. Even if you can make out the words, it usually doesn't make any sense." This is a perfect example of what it means to just have fun with music! Don't be too serious, just enjoy!

Yo Yo Ma/ Obrigado Brazil/ Sony

       In this new album Brazil, Yo Yo Ma takes enjoys another chance to explore the exotic music of Brazil. He couples with one of the most popular Latino musician to create an album that gives us a taste of all the different styles of music in Brazil. This includes the more familiar "Samba", the new favorite sound of "Bossa Nova", and "Choro", a traditional style which is common amongst the local people.

Gotan Project/ La Revacha Del Tango/ EWise Digital Multimedia Corp.

       La Revacha Del Tango is an interesting mix of Argentina's tango with electronica music. The traditional elements of tango, giving off an old-fashioned flare, together with the bold and tantalizing techno rhythms produces tracks that displays a well balanced fusion of the past and the present. The tracks vary from very futuristic minimal sounds to laid back lounge type atmosphere. The mesmerizing Argentine singer, Cristina Vilallonga, adds a sensitive touch to the whole album with her sensual voice and her local Spanish style, making old dance music new.

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