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The COMPASS Group, October 2003.

Translated by Christine Wang

Rounds/ Four Tet/ Silent Agreement

       Four Tet comes from London, and he is also the bass player in Frige. His music has been described by critics as "Folktronica"--a form of trance music containing a comfortable and contented folk spirit. It possesses the characteristics of modern trance music, but unlike other trance music, expresses a fresh countryside feeling. You will not feel any roaring shock when listening to Four Tet's music in Taipei's hot summer time. Instead, you'll feel as if you're in the refreshing countryside.

Fly to the sun, fly to you/The Clones, Chaotic Island, Nerve/TRA

       This is the first various punk artists album in Taiwan. The various artists include seven bands such as Oi, Silly What?, Nerve, Clones, Chaotic Island, Fire Extinguisher, and Nu Metal from Kaohsiung. The style of the album is youthful and full of sunshine. Some friends even picked up their high school uniforms when taking pictures for the cover and inside pages of the album. You will feel as if you come back to the old high school days when you look at the pictures on cover and inside.

Mihumisang/David Garling and Wuru Bunun Tribe/September Culture Internationa

       The world famous cellist and composer David Garling has found spiritual beauty in traditional Bunun tribal music. By bringing together modern Western composition techniques and Taiwanese aboriginal musicians, David has contributed to Taiwan's music scene. The musicians on this album wholeheartedly hope that beautiful traditional music can be known around the world rather than disappear.

The desire to live--The Chairman's fourth album--Kuan Yu's latest album--Solo Flight/The Chairman/Rock Music

       This album presents the most complete vocal performances of the Chairman's late lead singer Kuan Yu. This is also the Chairman's fourth album containing more humanistic concepts. This album is the fulfillment of a 31-year-old youth's ultimate dream. It expresses profound love and memory between men on the rugged and lonely road to rock'n roll. Definitely a voice worth recording and cherishing for the history of Taiwanese rock'n roll.

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