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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, June 2004

Total Lounge

By Stu Nazareth Translated by Uvia Chang &Iva Huang Photos collected by Annie Liu



Artist:VA (Various Artists)
Title: Total Lounge
Subtitle: A Complete Audio & Video Experience
Label:Water Music (www.mesamusic.com.tw)
Price: NT$389 for 1 13-track CD and 1 13-chapter DVD
CD: 13 songs, 70min 35sec
DVD: 13 videos, 68min 42sec (plus artist info)
NT$15 per track/chapter or NT$5.53 per minute
At: Rose Records

Wait! Give me a chance here. I know, lounge and chill CD compilations are 99% crap and rehash the same songs and yadda, yadda, But we are talking bytes per buck and if you want lots of bytes, it is here my dear. You get a an audio CD of some decent chilled beats by Tosca, Leggo Beast, A Man Called Adam plus the obligatory Moby track—a not bad “Whispering Wind? Actually these cuts are more ambient than chilled or lounge. More sofa sinking than head nodding. Once you've done with the ears, you can get bits for eyes. The DVD does not contain the MTV videos or promo clips from these artists. We get what looks more like video (with FX) from your friend's jaunt in India and her coral diving trip around Koh Pi –Pi mixed in with Discovery Channel animal clips. Nothing original, nothing offensive, this is the soundtrack for drinking straight cranberry juice in a lounge on a Wednesday night.


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