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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, June 2004

Single Collection

By Stu Nazareth Translated by Uvia Chang &Iva Huang Photos collected by Annie Liu



Artist:Love Psychedelico
Title: Single Collection
Label: Ho-Son Video Record Co. (Taiwan)
Price: NT$99 or NT$6.60 per song or NT$1.47 per minute
Length:15 songs, 67min 22sec
At: Most night market CD stores.

I was in Tokyo a few years ago and I was saved. I became a born-again rock fan. My savior, the Japanese rock band, Love Psychedelico. They testified from their cannon of soon-to-be hit singles: Lady Madonna, Your Song, Last Smile. As a disciple, I have spread the good music to others via this Taiwan-only budget collection (which I still see all around Taipei.) Converts are plentiful and have gone forth and multiplied to what has been described as Cheryl Crow if she rocked and had fantastic guitarist who wrote great Pete Townsend-ish songs. The songs are in Japanese and English at the same time. Yet, I have seen a bar full of people singing along the first time they heard these psalms. Singing in tongues, at the altar of Love Psychedelico.
(Note: This collection is 3 singles, b-sides and miscellaneous recordings from the time of their first release 2000, Greatest Hits. That one and the next two albums can be found at the most Taiwanese shops at Taiwanese prices.)


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