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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, June 2004

The Music From Beautiful Spain

By Stu Nazareth Translated by Uvia Chang &Iva Huang Photos collected by Annie Liu



Artist::VA (Various Artists)
Title:The Music From Beautiful Spain
Subtitle: Spring and Summer 2004
Label: Avant Garden Records (Taiwan) www.ag.com.tw
Price:NT$69 or NT$4.60 per song or NT$1.44 per minute
Length: 15 songs, 47min 53sec
At: Eslite (Record and Book Stores)

The mushy title led me to think, cheesy pop done Flamenco-style. Sometimes it is nice to be wrong. The Music From Beautiful Spain is actually heavenly pop music. It is laconic and lush pop with whispered female vocals cooing over the top. Think Audrey Hepburn singing Burt Bacharach. In (mostly) Spanish, of course. This is fab lazy-summer-Sunday music. Local record company, Avant Garden Records is releasing CDs from the Spanish label Siesta with acts such as Rita Calypso, Zola, Niza and Camera Obscura. And to entice us, they have released this compilation CD for NT$69. Get it now. And get a few more for friends around the world.


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