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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, December 2004


By Josie Wu & Uvia Chang Translated by Michael Ho & Cara Steenstra



Artist:Kylie Minogue
Label: EMI Music Taiwan

Born in 1968, Kylie Minogue's early image was that of a sweet girl-next-door type. However, in 2001, with the release of her single "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", Kylie reincarnated into the music industry's "sex goddess", wearing a white low cut mini dress, her red lips and hip swaying catapulting her career to a new high by emerging into the Top 10 charts for the fifth time since 2000. By doing so, Kylie also became the best selling recording female artist of the millennium. Since reaching number one in her native country Australia with her first single "The Locomotion" in 1987, Kylie has never stopped breaking her own records. Kylie's signature song "I Should Be So Lucky" not only successfully broke into the British pop chart in March 1988, it also became the first single in that decade to remain in the number one position for five weeks consecutively. Her success did not stop there, as her other singles like "Confide In Me" and "Put Yourself In My Place" have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Her CD albums and singles sales have topped 40 million around the globe. This "ultimate" collection is a double CD collection of new songs as well as singles from different stages of Kylie's career in the last 22 years. It includes 31 global Top 40 singles, 7 number one singles on the UK chart, 25 British chart Top 10 singles, and two brand new songs, "I Believe In You" and "Giving You Up". These 33 songs would be the "ultimate" gift from Kylie to all her fans this Christmas.


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