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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, January 2005

Julio Iglesias/ Love Songs


By Andy- Famous radio show host on FM100.7. Translated by Cara Steenstra.



Artist: Julio Iglesias
Title: Julio Iglesias- Love Songs
Label: SONY
Released: 2004/1/12

Language is not needed in romance, as long as you have Julio Iglesias. For 35 years, Juilo Iglesias has set a lot of records. Not only is he the best selling Latin singer in history, but he is also the best selling recording artist in the world. His global sales record broke the 250 million mark. He has over 2,600 gold and platinum records. Spain is most proud to have such a remarkable singer. Known to have left his mark romantically all over the world, Julio Iglesias is also known to be a very serious performer, capturing the hearts of many adoring female fans.
Julio Iglesias was recently in Taiwan for a concert on December 8. He brought with him his honey voice, laced with his thick Spanish accent, which has melted many hearts from the '70s till now. He has preformed in over 4600 concerts around the globe and on all continents. After his December concert in Taiwan was the release of a collection of his classics, aptly named "Love Songs". This collection includes legendary country singer Patsy Cline's "Crazy", and the duet with Dolly Parton called "When you tell me you love me", the number one song in 1950, "Mona Lisa," and the number one single from 1977, "When I need you". This album is definitely well worth your money.


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