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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, March 2005

Midnight Movies

Artist: Midnight Movies
Title: Midnight Movies
Label: Emperor Norton

Midnight Movies' self-titled debut on the funktastic Emperor Norton label is the kind of album that will prove itself only with the emergence of its successor. Already born in the shadow of label-mates Ladytron, Midnight Movies offers listeners a musical experience alternating from tight cold-blue techno-pop to stripped-down indie ballads. Singer Gena Olivier's vocals are often indistinguishable from the '60s psychedelic art-school sweetheart Nico. Yet, unlike reports of their live shows, Midnight Movies does not assert itself in any distinguishable way, but rather re-combines observations on the beauty of apathy that so many have done before. Nonetheless, there are some jewels on the album ("Strange Design," "Love or a Lesson") that will make one wonder if their Stereolab and Ladytron CDs have somehow been fused together into a new and better musical experience. Midnight Movies is not to be written off, but they do need to prove themselves the next time out. --By David Bolster, translated by Cara Steenstra



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