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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, January 2005

I wonder why my favorite boy leaves me

By Purple Strong Yang, translated by Cara Steenstra



Artist: Marsh mallow kisses
Title: I wonder why my favorite boy leaves me
Label: Silent Agreement

A refreshing and likable band. The Marshmallow Kisses evokes a mood of lightheartedness. The vocalist's sweet, cute voice reminds us of Japan's Chara and Yuki, who are famous for the special child-like quality of their voices. Apart from singing that sounds like a little girl whispering, the simplistic music style is combined with clean and uncomplicated electronica, creating a relaxed and stress free atmosphere, bringing to mind scenes of fairy tales. The first song leads with a rhythmic beat, like a little girl making music playfully with pots and pans, followed by the second song, "My Dear Giant", a quick light hearted tune with a male voice joining in duet. This song calls to mind the dreams and days of youth. In "The Best Days We Used To Have", the vocalist sings about past feelings, expressing hints of regret and sadness, although the happy tempo of the music makes it less melancholic. Other songs conjure up the happy atmosphere of a merry-go-round. The album's last song, "French Lesson", is made to sound like an old radio emitting static, and the few short lines of lyrics sound like they are being sung emotionlessly by a robot, suggesting that everything is but a distant memory.


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