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The COMPASS Group, January 2005

The Beekeeper


Artist: Tori Amos
Title: The Beekeeper (CD+DVD)

By Purple Strong Yang, translated by Cara Steenstra.


Tori Amos has long been known as a genius on the piano and a very creative female vocalist. After a series of successful albums, most would consider slowing down, savoring the moment and not taking new risks as venturing into completely new territory for Amos. Yet, in this 2005 album, we get to see yet another side of her. Tori explained that, according the Bible, "The Beekeeper" means "mother", which is also the central theme of her album.

This album reveals a more mature and sensible Tori, with less of the difficult melodies and high-pitched singing. There is more depth to her music and vocals, like a reflection of her personal experiences of motherhood. Hence, the melodies are soft and encompassing like the love of a mother. The song "Ribbon Undone" is about the interesting shifts in the emotional states of mothers and daughters, and Tori expresses it well through her soft voice and the melodious rhythms. Music-wise, Tori tried out some different styles this time. "Sweet The Sting" is bluesy but, with some male vocals mixed in, creates a rather mysterious atmosphere. "Ireland" has a rather folksy feel to it, whereas "The Beekeeper" has a touch of modern experimental electronica. These vastly different styles help create a rather dream-like ambience. Yet, combined with Tori's smooth vocals and the soft steady stream of piano music, a wonderful harmony is created, reminding one of basking under the afternoon sun in an exotic little foreign village.


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