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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, June 2005

Chicken Rice

Artist / Chicken Rice
Album / GLucky 7

By Jeff Sabine Translated by Cara Steenstra

If you are a fan of the no-messing-around, old school sounds of a proper rockabilly album, you're in luck. Well, let's be honest, it is an EP and not a full-length album, but it is about the music, right?
"Lucky 7" is a seven-song recording brought to you by Chicken Rice and the Vegetarian Fish Co. people. This 2005 release has it all: strong, galloping drums and rhythm guitar; smooth, crooning vocals; screaming, surfer-esque guitar solos; and beautiful, velvet-voiced back-up female vocals.
From start to finish, this collection of the classic rockabilly sound will keep you snapping your finger and tapping your toe...if you are like me and only have one of each. In a few of the tracks, you can hear climbing guitar reminiscent of the Stray Cats. This sound is strongest in a track called "Jump 'n' Down." And staying with Brian Setzer, in the song "Cute Old Train", there is a little taste of the more fast paced music of the his "Comeback Special" album.

"Lucky 7" covers the whole spectrum of rockabilly music. One minute you will be in a high-octane trance that will make you want to jump in your hot-rod and speed toward some square in a slower hot-rod to prove you are a bigger man. The next minute, you will be looking to park somewhere with the girl you are courting and plan to take to spring sock-hop.

If you want to get your ear around these great tracks, go see the friendly and all-knowing staff at Vicious Circle in the Ximending shopping district at 12, Lane 96, KunMing St., 1F. V.C. supplies the rocker with a great selection of rockabilly and punk rock memorbilia including CDs, clothing, posters, jewelry, badges, hair grease and much more. Also keep your eyes open for any of the live acts that you may have the pleasure of taking in. Chicken Rice is known to make appearances at many of the music festivals that take place in Taiwan throughout the year.
I am not one to give orders but get a hold of the album "Lucky 7" by Chicken Rice and you will not be disappointed.

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