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The COMPASS Group, September 2005

The Incriminators: Two Guitars, Two Voices, One Big Sound

By Joe Duffer Translated by Charlie Shen


You've heard about them; now go and hear them. I guarantee that you will not regret doing so. The Incriminators' two voices are Jason Grenier and Mark McVicar, and the big sound from these two Canadian guitarists are original music and lyrics about life and love. They deliver a folksy beat in the style of Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and others of that generation, with the important elements being freedom and original thought on Taiwan.

The Incriminators have not been around long. Jason only picked up the guitar eight years ago, but Mark has been playing for most his life. The Duo only started playing together in late 2003 at an open mic night in Taipei. The combination is compelling and exciting, as any one who caught their act at Canada Deh can vouch for. But let the greater facts stand for themselves: The Incriminators made a very respectable showing at the MTV/Smirnoff Ice Band Hunt Competition in 2004. They were among 30, out of the 222 bands, chosen to go onto the second round, and one of only two foreign bands that made it to that round.

One sad lament that is on their demo album, produced last year, is a song called "The Alishan Railroad Disaster." A soulful and touching tribute to the March 1, 2003 event in Chiayi, when the braking system of Alishan Forest Railway failed. The trains ran into a valley where 17 passengers were killed and 173 were injured. The demo CD, which includes this and other great original tunes, is usually sold at their performances. However, the best way to appreciate this band is to catch a live performance.
You can catch them most Wednesday nights at Citizen Cain, where they got their start playing at open mic nights. Other frequent performances are at the Wall and The Living Room, Witch House, Riverside and other popular venues around town. For updates on when and where to catch The Incriminators in September, please go to their website at http://www.groups.msn.com/theincriminators.

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