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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, September 2005

Eye to The Telescope

Artist: KT
Title: Eye to The Telescope
Label: EMI

On first hearing, this album sounds a bit like Dido. KT's voice has a certain strength that reminds people of Dolores from The Cranberries. Yet, when she changes tones, you can hear a pureness in her voice; her voice range also allows her to try different styles. "Other Side of the World" is a song that creates a certain kind of loneliness, like a cold night in a northern European street. "Under the weather" is a sunny folk song with a little bit of country and the bright arrangements that reminds us of Club 8, making you want to laze under sunlight. "Silent Sea" brings you the blues through its roving melodies. The varying moods of these songs are like a drive along the seaside, your moods fluctuating with the warm sea breeze. "False Alarm" is a mid-range rock song; each line is sung without rushing but still maintains its beat throughout. "Suddenly I See" has a similar rock style but is more energetic and has more significant rhythms, making you want to snap your fingers and tap your toes. KT's music might sound out of this world, but there is a certain warmth in it that warms your heart. --By Purple Strong Yang, translated by Cara Steenstra


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