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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, October 2005

Finally Woken

Artist: Jem
Title: Finally Woken
Label: SONY

While the name Jem may not be familiar to many, she is certainly no newcomer to the music scene. In fact, she used to be part owner of the Marine Parade Record Company. Her first album, "Finally Woken", is mesmerizing and beautiful, richer than any "best of" collection. Even Madonna had to get her hands on a copy. The first song, "They", has a catchy intro that is followed by a strong electronica beat, creating a mysterious atmosphere. "Come On Closer" features neurotic violins combined with Jem's amazing voice to bring about a certain lightness. This song was also featured in the film "Closer". "Ride A Cock Horse" pays tribute to children's lullabies, refreshing and easy to listen to. She then makes an abrupt turn and launches into rock 'n roll, using a violin to add to the drama. "Missing You" is filled with melancholy, a soulful slow song. "Wish I" bounces back with an upbeat but retro musical arrangement, erasing all the melancholy sensations from previous songs and making you want to dance. "Stay Now" has the typical coolness of trip hop but does not lose its warm musical tones.

--By Purple Strong Yang, translated by Cara Steenstra


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