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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, November 2005

Bossa Sweet Orange

Artist: Cin-cin Lee
Label: Wind Records

"Bossa Sweet Orange" is like puppy love and a secret admirer's letter, like the happiness of a child on his/her first ride on the merry-go-round. "Fresh Trip" takes you on a bicycle ride through fields of peaceful quietude. "Photosynthesis" is the bite of an orange by a windowsill, a synthesis of sweet and sour. What kind of music is the color orange? What kind of music makes you want to fly? Musical instruments are like sunshine-generating machines, churning out warm, fuzzy feelings. Happiness is made from a few simple elements, the simpler the better. This original album is an all-natural creation of guitar, flute and harmonica that brings you to the exotic sunny shores of southern Europe. Producer Cin-cin Lee makes good music that will stand the test of time, and has produced albums for musicians like Ming-Zhang Chen, Shu-En Chen, Patricia Ho, Cheer Chen, Gigi Leung, Karena Lin and many others. Lee's sensitivity in musical arrangements has given her a unique reputation in the popular music industry. --By James Su, translated by Cara Steenstra


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