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The COMPASS Group, December 2005


Artist: Marilyn Scott
Title: Nightcap
Label: Magnum Music

"Nightcap" is a collection of songs by Marilyn Scott, a veteran jazz singer with almost 30 years of experience. Her name may not be familiar to many, but mention the title theme song of the film Twins, "I Only Have Eyes For You", and most will recall her voice, as she is the original singer of this song. Scott started her musical career early, around the age of 15, performing in many school and local performances. She was well recognized by the time she entered college and was invited to be a guest singer at the "Tower of Power". The unique quality of her voice and her rich experience in the musical industry are among the reasons she has done very well for herself in the R&B and jazz music scenes. This album has also received great reviews from AMG. It is the perfect combination of a great voice, spontaneous musical performances, romance and the moods of a cosmopolitan city. Recommended tracks include: The Look of Love (track 2), Stardust (track 6), and Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul (track 10). --By James Su, translated by Cara Steenstra


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