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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, December 2005

Passion Tango

Artist: Duo Orientango
Title: Pasion
Label: Wind Records

Never determine the quality of an album by its price, as the "Passion Tango" is one album you would not want to miss. This partnership of piano and violin provides many passionate tango dance duets in which--just as in a dance--both partners must work well with each other. It might be a look, a passionate kiss or just a speechless conversation, but sweet love with a tinge of bitter pain is all expressed in the music. The first track, La Cumparsita, is a world-famous tango dance tune considered one of the essential tango melodies. This familiar song will guaranteed to awaken passion deep within listeners. Track 11, Milyang Arirang, is a traditional Korean folk song. Though it may be an unfamiliar tune, there is passion in every note. And, if you didn't read the accompanying leaflet, you might not even realize that it is a traditional Korean folk song at all. There is a mix of melancholic tunes and more powerful ones in the album which, in its totality, represents an impeccable violin/piano partnership. The name Duo Orietango gives you a hint that this is a duo that interprets tango music with an oriental twist. Thanks to the added Korean flavors, a whole new side to this Latin American genre has been created. As a testimony to its success, this album has also received rave reviews from Argentinian music critics. --By James Su, translated by Cara Steenstra


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