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The COMPASS Group, February 2006

Big Brass Balls

--By Jeff Sabine Translated by Yvonne Chen

A while ago, I popped into The Living Room and heard a real treat -- a three piece band rocking an entranced crowd. I barely managed to get the last seat in the house.
The Big Brass Balls Band played, and what they played was not to be missed. These three gents put on their rockin' caps and got to work. Some great cover songs, which included a killer version of Prince's "Raspberry Beret" and 10cc's "I don't like reggae", were matched with equal talent and gusto by their original material.

Though they met in Taiwan, they aim to write songs with a global feel -- not songs specific to the Taiwan experience. Their version of a "Taiwanese pop song" was both funny and toe-tapping, but it is their only song of this sort. Other original tracks include "Sorry Buddy", a song written in Ireland about taking requests at parties, and "Pen and Paper Man", which lays lyrics about computer communication over a good, hard track.
The mix of humour and seriousness is in all their music. In the song "Well", they dream about confronting George W. Bush. "Well it's time for you to stand up and admit just who you are, and with broken legs, boy, you won't get very far". Another track, "When you go on out", is a rock song written for frontman Brian Colhoun's unborn child.

This trio, together since last April, is one of the best live shows I have seen, both in Taiwan and back across the water. Solid drumming by drummer Dan Plimmer sets a perfect time for the low and rythmic bass lines of Tom Squires. On top of all that is a mix of acoustic and electric guitar, along with the engaging and well-belted lyrics by front man Brian Colhoun.

This band is a great addition to a vibrant Taipei scene. What separates them is the fact that they deliver straight-forward rock 'n' roll with a sound all their own. If you are like me and longing to drink a beer and listen to some good old rock music, The BBBB is the perfect solution.

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