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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, February 2006

Artist: Lee Ryan
Title: Lee Ryan
Label: BMG

Lee Ryan is one of the most popular band members of Blue, the extremely well-known UK pop band. Ryan uses his resounding and soulful vocals to bring Blue songs to their best. Now going solo, his song "Army of Lovers" lets him stretch his vocal abilities to the limit. "Turn Your Car Around" is smooth with a hint of melancholic guitar rhythm. "When I Think of You" is bright and upbeat and makes you want to dance. "Parking" has clear keyboards that demonstrate a certain sensitivity and romance. "Wish The Whole World Knew" is light and pleasing. "Miss My Everything" is bluesy with a hint of jazz. "Daydreamer" is poetry, like a traveling poet telling his life story. "Jump" is a surprising dash of light rock. "How Do I?" brings in strings to make it a moving love song. The album concludes with "In The Morning", the acoustic guitar calming listeners down. In this album, Lee experiments with all styles of singing but manages to retain his own vocal style, making this an interesting album with its natural continuity.

--By Purple Strong Yang, translated by Cara Steenstra


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