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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, March 2006


--By Corbett Wall Translated by Yvonne Chen

...and no "let me hear you say yo!."

When most people think of a band, they envision guitars, a drummer and a lead singer romping about on stage. This is not so with innovative electronica group Nylas. A Nylas show consists of an assortment of laptops, mixers, electronic effect boxes, synthesizers and a vocalist singing light, airy harmonies. No thrashing about, no stage antics, and no "let me hear you say yo!". Instead, the listener is treated to a creative blend of ambient downbeat art house moods, abstract video backgrounds and compelling melodies -- a fresh direction in Taiwan's fledgling indie scene.

Nylas began three years ago as a collaboration of mixed interests and personalities -- two graphic designers, an audio engineer, and a "guy who works". They would all gladly give up their day gigs if playing music could pay the bills. Inspired by influences such as the French electronica group Air, and Iceland's Slowpho, Nylas sound can be likened to watching the clouds drift, or the subtle pulse of flowing traffic. One layer of sound blends into another, and another, slowly transforming into an auditory whole, comprising in the end a song.

With the advent of DJ music here in Taiwan, it is only natural that the music scene will produce live electronica. Many traditional bands are moving away from standard instrumentation towards effects, software and laptops as their main instruments. With computers, potential musicians are no longer limited by the practice and training required to perform a traditional instrument. They can immediately focus on the sound in their heads, getting right to the music element. They plug in a laptop, learn the software and start creating. In this way, computers have become a new generation of instruments, no longer just editing machines or storage devices.

Nylas is a good representation of this new generation. They've accomplished their artistic goal of "giving people something different than what they get on TV" with their first album "Where Are You My Dear Uncle K?" released through Silent Agreement Music, and they are expecting to finish another later this year. You can learn more at: http://spaces.msn.com/members/nylashouse. Definitely give them a listen, they play once or twice a month around Taipei.
Nylas is: Arny (laptop, keyboard), Labi (vocals, effects), Punk Can (laptop, effects), A.J. (mixer, synths)
Corbett Wall has enjoyed a successful music career in Asia, and is owner of the popular live music venue, the Living Room.


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