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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, May 2006

It seems that Taiwanese are quite partial to their bones.
Da Bone

-- By Corbett Wall Translated by Charlie Shen

Beyond a doubt, Taiwanese love their bones. Any meal typically includes chicken bones and fish bones. Old folks complain all winter about their aching bones. A skinny person is called a porkchop bone and, even though they don't call it by that name, any young couple in love knows what a three-hour boning session costs at the local love motel.

I've got a different bone to pick for this column, and it's about a band called "Da Bone." They drop the "Da" in their Chinese name, and are simply referred to as the "Bone Band". This rock quartet plays a variety of styles incorporating hip hop, grunge, funk, and pop -- all wrapped up in a fat mix of rock and roll. Though they've only been on the scene for a year, they've developed a good, strong set of original material, and have developed a sound I can liken to a band with a similar name: Fishbone. Why Bone, you ask? "No clothes, no covering, just real music," they reply. "People need bones to make a body. We're the same. We need each other to make our music."

No starry-eyed dreams of becoming pop stars for these guys, their goal is to "Go to Japan, play a big rock festival, and kick ass!" Right now, they're working on their first album, an independent release, and expect to be done in about six months. "We want our music to have a message, something to do with life -- not just a bunch of complaining like so many other bands." Definitely look for them around Taipei. They play two or three times a month.
Corbett Wall has enjoyed a successful music career in Asia, and is owner of the popular live music venue, the Living Room.

Vocal: Hidemyth
Guitar: This way
Guitar: Radish
Bass: Jamie


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