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The COMPASS Group, June 2006

A Moving Sound

--- By Claire Tyrell Translated by Tre Gordon

In describing A Moving Sound, people have used "avant garde", "spiritual" and "experimental". But, quite simply their performance at the Red Theatre was one of the most stirring and exciting I have seen in a long time.

Scott Prairie hails from America and Mia Hsieh from Taiwan, and the two met while studying in New York. The relationship sparked a creativity seemingly hard to rival. Add people with expertise on the flute, Erhu (traditional Chinese instrument played with a bow), JongRan (Chinese guitar), and a selection of African and Middle Eastern drums and percussion to the mix, and you certainly have a sound that moves.

Performing a selection from their new album, the band has really embraced the vast array of sounds hailing from the East. The Indian-influenced "Ganesh" is a stunning pairing of flute and Mia's voice, which possesses a purity and intensity that you follow wherever she wishes to lead. The Chinese instruments come into their own in "Silk Road", as I was transported to the vast sands of Central Asia, reaching a state of near nirvana. Then, bang, you're back in the markets of Taiwan with the energy-packed "Market Song."
The performance is also visually stimulating, drawing on Mia's skills in dance, the Taichi fan and even a guest trapeze artist!
"Little Universe", released three years ago, was a compelling blend of uplifting indie pop, vocal improvisation, spoken word, and offerings inspired by world rhythms, all combined effortlessly.
Meanwhile having further explored the musical traditions of Taiwan and Central/Eastern Asia, the new album (due for release this month--details on website) focuses on these ideas and themes, representing them in new and unique ways.

While African and Latin beats are often combined with Western principles, Asian traditions have been less integrated. Changing this, A Moving Sound is certainly making waves in the World Music arena.

Bass, JongRan: Scott Prairie
Vocals: Mia Hsieh
Percussion, Flute, Erhu: Cheng-Chun Wu
Erhu: Tang-Hsuan Lo
Guitar, JongRan: Hua-chou Hsieh


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