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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, October 2006

Artist: Rueibin Chen
Title: The Dream of Cinema
Label: Jingo

I can still remember movie soundtracks that touched many people's hearts. While the visual film images have faded, the melodies still remain in my mind. Born in the 1970s, I probably have not seen more than half of the movies whose soundtracks are included on this CD. Nevertheless, the tunes all sound so familiar to me. All the notes seem to express the films' dialogues in a way that can't be put down in words. Eight selected works from seven movie soundtracks will put you in different moods; some are soft and tender, while others are light and lively. For example, "The Crave" from the movie "The Legend of 1900" delivers jazz in its fullest. "On a Theme of Paganini" from "Somewhere in Time" absolutely connects you to the concept of love beyond time and space. What's more, the album, recorded in a 24-track format, results from cooperation between the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and renowned pianist Rueibin Chen. Listen to this CD with your eyes closed and experience the feeling of having an orchestra play right in front of you.

--By James Su, translated by Sho Huang


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