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The COMPASS Group, October 2006

Stevie Ray & Black Sheep

--- By DC Rapier Translated by Kiki Wu

Proof of the power of the blues as a "world music" can be found in Stevie Ray & Black Sheep, the only Texas-style blues band in Taiwan and the only one led by a local.
Inspired by the music of the late, great guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Sheep was formed in 2004 by Stevie Ray, a member of the Paiwan Aborigine tribe. He notes that the spirit and soul of blues has much in common with the music of the aboriginal people of Taiwan. As guitarist, song-writer and singer, Stevie Ray has dedicated himself to developing his own sound and promoting blues music in Taiwan. In 2005, the Black Sheep had the honor of opening Taiwan's very first international blues festival, the Blues and Bar-B-Q Bash, organised by the Blues Society on Taiwan (BSot).

Joining Stevie Ray in the quest for "mo' better blues" are two Japanese, Neishi 'Dafu' Daisuke on drums and Inoue 'Kazu' Kazuo on bass guitar. Dafu is an honors graduate of the Musicians Institute in LA and was an assistant teacher there. Returning to Japan, he became a drum instructor at the Musicians Institute, Japan. Since moving here in 2003, he has played in many bands as a professional drummer. Kazu studied music at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, where he was the only Japanese selected to be a member of the university's Masters Band. While in the US, Kazu played music festivals and recorded CDs. In 2004, he moved to Taiwan to pursue his music career and has been very active on the local scene.

Stevie Ray and Black Sheep play their special brand of blues in venues around the island. Fans will be able to see Black Sheep perform at the BSoT's Blues Bash 3 on November 4 and 5 at the Dream Community in Xichi (Sichih). Check www.bsot-bluesbash.info for details and get ready to lose your blues to the music of Stevie Ray and Black Sheep.

DC 'deacon' Rapier is the founder and president of the Blues Society on Taiwan and a member of Chicago-style Blues band, BoPoMoFo. www.bsot.org www.bsot-bluesbash.info www.bopomofo-blues.com


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