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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, Nevember 2006

Artist: Wang Hong-en "Biung"
Title: Battle Dance
Label: Yan Ma Music

After releasing three albums, being nominated three times for the Golden Melody Award and winning that award twice, Aborigine singer Biung brings listeners his latest album, "Battle Dance". In his work, Biung creates adaptations of Aborigine music combined with modern rock. Battle Dance features added glamour to its style. For the album and title track, the string section was recorded in Beijing. Rap was included to express the warrior's state of mind before battle. Biung also invited A-Mei, another outstanding Aborigine singer, to sing with him on the more mainstream-sounding "Ba Ren Princess". My favourite song, "Sun's Son" echoes his personality best and seems to have the coherence of his last album, "The Man Walking in the Wind". "Red Leaf Legend", describing mountain kids playing baseball, and "What On Earth", which adopts more colloquial lyrics, are Biung's soft-rock songs on this release.
/website: http://www.biung.idv.tw

--- By Hit FM 91.7 DJ ciacia, host of 'Rock DJ' show Sun 9-11 pm
Translated by Sho Huang


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