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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, Nevember 2006


---By Don Quan Translated by Annie Liu

Shy Kick Apple on the web:
Band bookings: OEJ - 0929-008-650, or ORIO - 0929-419-399

One of the most exciting young bands currently making waves is Shy Kick Apple. Formed late in 2005, the band consists of OEJ (vocals), ORIO (guitar), PiPi (bass), PoPo (drums), Hsi Chui (flute), Omega King (saxophone), Hsiao Han Han (trumpet) and Saku (trumpet). Da Zheng from Extinguisher is also a guest-singer/lyricist. With this many members, you would assume correctly that they put forth a huge sound. The songs are fast and melodic (like modern-day punk), but the horns and ORIO's guitar style give the band its ska/reggae edge. In fact, the band chose their name purposely as an acronym for "ska".

Their sound is reminiscent of American bands The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Less Than Jake, but ORIO says they've more influenced by Japanese punk/ska bands Kemuri and Potshot. With breakneck tempos, reggae-influenced guitars, thundering bass and the brass section, it's a felicitous blend that defies you to not bop along with the music.

Forming this band was convenient, as all the members are friends from high school or college. The horn players are classically trained, and still perform recitals periodically. S.K.A. is their first foray into rock, but flautist Hsi Chui, "prefers playing rock to classical." The other members are quite busy in the underground scene. ORIO and PiPi both perform with punk brethren Extinguisher, and drummer PoPo also plays for the band MaHou. OEJ has another gig in a vocal quartet, but it is definitely not his calling. "It's actually very boring."

Boring is one adjective that will never be used to describe this band. Their 4-song EP (with music written collectively by the band, and lyrics by OEJ/Da Zheng) only hints at the energy of their live show, which is not to be missed. S.K.A. kicks ass so hard that when you go see them, you better bring some protective gear for your posterior.


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