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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, December 2006


---By Don Quan Translated by Annie Liu

People who pay attention to the music scene will know punk band Maho. They have been around since 2000, which makes them one of the most durable acts in the south. Though they've endured an almost Spinal Tap-esque rotation of band members, Maho's founder/vocalist A-Chang still fronts the band with the same indefatigable spirit and attitude as always.

The current lineup includes A-Chang's brother, A-Fang , on guitar, PoPo on drums and Wei Yu on bass. While this is likely the longest-running configuration of the band, Wei Yu recently left to serve his mandatory two-year army service (a circumstance that has interrupted the careers of many a promising band in Taiwan). However, the group will continue to write and record and play live shows on the occasions when Wei Yu gets leave. A-Chang says they don't want to find yet another bassist, as they all "get along quite well with this one".

A-Chang is partial to The Clash, Bad Religion and Brahman, while A-Fang prefers Sonic Youth, The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. The band has taken their melting pot of influences and molded a sound that will never be mistaken for anything else. "We're not a rock and roll band. We're punk."

The band has recently released an EP to back this claim. Simply titled "One"(?), it has three songs, sung in Chinese, about A-Chang's observations on the ups and downs of life (a common theme in punk). This is the first commercially available release from the band.

Maho has assumed an elder-statesman status in the south, as they are the organizers of the Music Orgy festivals, which are held several times a year in Kaohsiung. These shows feature established bands, up-and-coming acts and first-timers. Since the Taiwanese musical climate is not very warm to underground bands, their motive is to help as many artists as possible to get exposure. Can you be any more punk than that?


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