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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, February 2007

"let the world feel our power and love": B.B.*

---By Courtney Donovan Smith Translated by Ann Lee

The sweet, thoughtful and cute singer-songwriter finished her set and left the stage. Then, musically, all hell broke loose. A buzz-sawed explosion of noise blasted through Taichung's Nunu's Live House, punctuated by lyrics shouted, spit, snarled, screamed and--just to throw you off--occasionally sung. A chill went down my spine; this was old school punk--done right.

Singer and guitarist Hsu Pei's eyes flashed with challenge and flashes of humour as she guzzled her Taiwan Beer and dominated the room with her mic and smoky voice. 'Juice-maker' , the other front woman, was at first appearance attractive with refined features and a thin, almost fragile frame. But on stage her bass is wielded weapon-like with skill and power and her singing leaves no doubt about her attitude. Drummer Nico sets a staccato pace and offers up occasional flashes of hair and sticks.

Asked what adjectives described their band, Hsu Pei replied "female" ( used a bit like many women use the English word "chick"). Anything else? "No, just female" was the decisive reply. Asked the same question, the girl behind the bar said, "Strong, like a gun."

The music is tight and the lyrics simple and often anthemic, with the repeated references to oi! and Japanese act Thug Murder testifying to their influences. Old school musically they may be, but their message both is and isn't. Patti Smith summed up much of the early female punk attitude when she sang "we go in the men's room, we don't give a shit". B.B.Bomb isn't invading anything, they're creating their own territory and attitude that is emphatically not male. As they put it, "We want to let the world feel our power and love and to hear what Taiwanese women have to say."

Around for three years and having toured in China, Japan, Hong Kong and around Taiwan (and Singapore in February), this experienced and skilled punk act is a growing force. On stage they are themselves and loving it, and it shows--which makes for a great show. If you like punk or simply a change from the singer-songwriter style that dominates women's original live music in Taiwan today, then check them out and--as they put it--feel their power.

More about B.B.Bomb
Website with songs available ( to listen, but not download): www.myspace.com/bbbomb
EP: 3(Three) available from Gamaa Music (www.gamaamusic.com or from Eslite Bookstore, www.eslitebooks.com)


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