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* aural cavity located on the sides of the head for insertion of local music scene
The COMPASS Group, February 2007

The Band That Keeps On Keepin' On: Kook

By Don Quan Translated by Monica Lin

Further testament to the diversity of Kaohsiung's music scene can be found in a band known as Kook. This trio makes heavy, driving, melodic music. FYI South had a Q&A with band members Leslie (???, vocals, guitar), MJ (???, bass) and Soft Song (???, drums). They're all cool dudes, and they rock as hard as any band in Taiwan.

Q. When did the band start?
Leslie: In 2000. We were students then.
Q. How would you describe your style?
Leslie: That's hard. Sometimes we don't even know. We have a wide range.
Soft Song: You could call us "pop-grunge".
MJ: We are definitely "underground", but we have to make it a bit "pop" so people will listen.
Q. How often do you perform?
Leslie: Before, we played several times a month. Now, we have jobs, so maybe once a month.
Q. Who writes the songs, and what are they about?
Soft Song: Leslie. They are mostly about the human condition, emotions… life!
Q. Who are your influences?
MJ: Korn!
Leslie: Nirvana.
Q. Which band would you most want to tour with?
Soft Song: Radiohead.
MJ: Muse or Fire Extinguisher.
Q. Is there any CD available?
MJ: We had an EP available 2 or 3 years ago. It's sold out. We also had a free demo that we gave out at live shows.
Leslie: We will record after Chinese New Year, 10 songs. We'll have a website ready to accompany the release of the album.
Q. Is the band just a hobby, now that you have jobs, etc.? Or do you wish to become more known?
MJ: Of course, it would be nice to become famous doing something you like, but we play because we love it.
Leslie: We don't really care how famous we get. Rock and roll is our life, and sometimes there are compromises in life, but we still persist. We just hope that people who like our music also get the message we are conveying: Shit happens, but who cares? Life goes on.

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