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The COMPASS Group > January 2008

Ronald Lin


The Best of 2007: Music in Review

By Ronald Lin (Host of the HitFM Radio Network) Translated by Ann Lee

As we enter 2008, guest writer Ronald Lin, a radio personality on HitFM, shares the best of 2007 with us from a wide range of Taiwanese music.

"La Dolce Vita" by Waa

Sweetest Album of 2007: "La Dolce Vita" by Waa

Waa's first album since parting with Nature Q, "La Dolce Vita", is unlike her previous work. She colaborated with professional musiciansWaa from Spain, Germany and Japan to create this European Indie pop album, which is different from most other artists' work on the market in Taiwan. One might say that the lyrics have a strong feminist feel, but they are by no means militant; the whole album tells the story of a woman's conscience and is sweet and tender.

On top of this, the sound quality and mastering are also outstanding. Once you put this disc inside your CD player, you'll be taken on a lovely ride through a plethora of emotions, only to be set back on the ground at the end happy and contented.


"Let's Go!" by Fire Extinguisher

Most Rockin' Album of 2007: "Let's Go!" by Fire Extinguisher

The 20-something quartet from Kaohsiung, Fire Extinguisher, refer to themselves as a heavy metal/punk rock back. Even though these Fire Extinguisherhigh school friends have been rocking together for seven years, they just recorded "Let's Go!", their first album, really exciting their large fan base. The album, which includes 13 songs, is bursting with punk rock attitude, inevitably winning it the title, the "Most Rockin,'' album of 2007.

Fire Extinguisher is a success story for the underdogs of Taiwan's music industry--after a lot of hard work and practice, a group of young, actually-talented musicians have worked their way to fame. Plus, it's been a while since the island has seen a decent punk rock band. Their lyrics, songs and transcription, not to mention their awesome stage performance, are all quality. If you give them a listen, I'm sure you'll be leaping around your living room in no time, power-fisting all the way.


"I Don't Know Rock n' Roll" by The Freckle

Cutest Album of 2007: "I Don't Know Rock n' Roll" by The Freckle

Judging by the album cover, which has a hand-made, retro look, you'll be surprised that the music and voice that comes out of "I The Freckle don't Know Rock n' Roll" is extraordinarily cute. Lead singer Ban-Ban has a voice that is neither pretentious nor dramatic; it is simply sweet and balanced with a lot of charisma. In this album, Ban-Ban and the other two band members make a sound that could be defined as a kind of cutesy rock, full of sincerity and musical passion.

The short track list is only eight songs long, but don't let that fool you--The Freckle has a whole lot to offer. Though the trio comes off as free and effortless, you can hear an underlying persistence and determination in their music; as you listen and sing along, your own cares and worries will seem to take a short vacation to Mars as you just enjoy The Freckle.



Most Talented Newcomer of 2007: Lu Guang-zhong Sus

With his Buddy Holly glasses, slim build and guitar in hand, Lu Guang-zhong looks the part of a starving young artist. Though he is a talented young artist, he is definitely not starving--Lu Guang-zhong is one of the best newcomers on the scene right now. According to the tabloids, he once broke his leg in an accident involving a bus; while off his leg, he had time to really improve his guitar skills. He was discovered by his agent/manager Zhong Cheng-hu after winning first place at a couple singing competitions.

During 2006-07, he released three EPs, which added to his popularity and made more people aware of his humorous and small-observation riddled lyrics. He was inspired to write the single "Good Morning" while standing around at a breakfast shop near his school. Characteristically, Lu's music is not filled with idealist dreams or big, inaccessible words, just simple situations and things he sees everyday. The only question left for this bright new comer is when his next album is coming out.

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