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The COMPASS Group > February 2008

Ronald Lin


Indie Pop too boring? Punk too angry? Metal too noisy?

Neon's 'EXIT' focuses on the forces in life

By Ronald Lin (Host of the HitFM Radio Network) Translated by Diva Yang



It's a beautiful Friday night and the music keeps coming out of an underground pub on bustling ShiDa Road. Even though the venue is small, true hard rock boils in the air as the on-stage band goes full force and the lead singer lets it all hang out. Oblivious to the cold front outside, the audience is passionately immersed in the music.
It turns out that the band is Neon, which just released their long-awaited first album "EXIT". The band is a miniature United Nation with band members all hailing from different countries. Standing out are the powerful lead vocals of Jun and guitar player Tomer from Israel. Quiet bass player and backup vocalist Xiao-Shan sometimes fills in as an MC when the lead singer is occupied, while drummer Wang-Yong never misses a beat.

In recent years, diehard Taiwan rock & roll fans have had various focuses, like indie pop in the north, punk in central Taiwan and metal in the south. This means that it is rare to hear a hard rock band like Neon. From Jun's voice and the band's overall performance to musical arrangements, Neon represents a hardcore rock & rolls that's honest and powerful. Watching them live can instantly satisfy your craving for hard rock, and the satisfaction is nearly the same when you listen to their album.

Neon spent four years working on "EXIT". In it you'll hear about Jun's experience living in New York and the hardships the band encountered prior to the album release. Surprisingly, it rarely addresses relationships. Instead it focuses on daily life and its struggles.

The band, which first performed in late 2003, came together by destiny. Originally from New York, Jun is Malaysian Chinese and her boyfriend Tomer is Israeli. Together they met Wang-Yong, from Singapore, at a Taiwan event. Although Xiao-Shan used to play guitar, he was recruited to be the bass player. Together, the four of them started Neon, embarking their musical journey in Taiwan.
When listening to "EXIT", from the first note you'll discover that its main creator, Jun, and her rich but tough life experiences empower the music with a stubborn strength. That toughness has helped band members through every obstacle and setback as they've come a long way for their music to be heard. That in turn gives their hard rock more energy than many other bands. If you find indie pop monotonous, punk rock too angry and metal too noisy, check out Neon's "EXIT" and experience some of the incredible energy and strength this band is best known for.

Neon's website: http://www.Neonband.com.tw

Neon-Jun Neon-Tomer

Neon-Wang-Youg Neon-Xiao-Shan

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