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Meet Mr. Mouth!

By DonQuan Translated by Ann Lee

Amongst the current crop of young bands in Taiwan, many adopt a sound that has its foundations in punk music. Kaohsiung-based band Mr. Mouth can be counted as one of these bands. Formed in late 2006 by college students A-Lun (阿倫) and Yan-Chong (菸囪), they describe themselves as a "pop-punk" group. They released a five-song EP, "School Life" in late 2007, and have since been busy since writing new songs and doing self-promotion.

A-Lun hails from Taipei, while bassist Yan-Chong and guitarist Zhang Chang (張彰) are from Tainan. The band recently recruited Kaohsiung native Mei-Hua (美花) to replace original drummer Hsiao-Zhi (小智), who left the band to spend more time pursuing academics. The band's songs lyrically reflect what today's generation goes through as they make the transition from youth to adulthood. The album's commentary ranges from family relationships, as in "Listen to Me", to romance in "Cigarette Butt", which uses smoking as a metaphor for love-the first drag is exhilarating, but it's also all-too-brief and, when you're finished, you just throw it away. The name itself, "School Days", is also a testament to daily routines. All of the songs, however, have a similar theme--it's important to have goals and dreams.

When asked about their musical influences, the group cites acts such as Blink 182, Ellegarden, and Funeral For A Friend; the band's own sound ranges from more melodic punk to "emo punk" and even funk (like the party-themed eponymous song "Mr. Mouth"). With the addition of Mei-Hua, who has roots in nu-metal bands, A-Lun states, "Our sound is undergoing some changes with him in the band now. Some of the new stuff will be a bit heavier, but also the lyrical content on our new songs will have deeper meaning and address societal issues and concerns."

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