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2008 Taichung Jazz Festival

2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: Trio 3

2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: Trio 3

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Ann Lee

Collectively reflecting about 130 years of professional jazz experience, Trio 3 has been described by the New York Times as "sort of a supergroup", made up of three accomplished members who sometimes join forces to provide audience an unrivalled journey into avante-garde jazz and more traditional forms. On Saturday, Oct. 18, those three members--composer, saxophonist, flutist and bandleader Oliver Lake, bassist Reggie Workman and drummer Andrew Cyrille--will once again come together in Taichung during the opening concert of the 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival.

Despite Lake's bandleader moniker, Trio 3 has been described as a band without a leader, as the three musicians seamlessly take listeners through a performance encompassing all styles, from traditional to modern and bebop to blues. As a group and individually, these musicians have collaborated with a broad range of leading names over the past several decades. Lake's history is riddled with awards and recognition for his work. A Guggenheim Fellow, he has received awards and commissions from the Library of Congress, Rockefeller Foundation and numerous other organizations, and his varied collaborations have included many musicians from other traditions, from Native American to Chinese and Korean. He also leads his own Steel Quartet, Big Band and cooperative ensemble World Saxophone Quartet, performing across the globe.

Often described as "legendary", Workman is considered one of the world's most technically gifted bass players and has performed with almost every big name in jazz; over four decades recording with the likes of John Coltrane (whose Quartet he joined in 1960), Art Blakey, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Mann and Cecil Taylor. Among the many awards he has accumulated is being named a Living Legend by the African-American Historical Cultural Museum in his hometown Philadelphia.

Brilliant free-jazz drummer Cyrille is known for exploring a wide range of styles and spent 11 years as Cecil Taylor's drummer. In addition, he has performed with a variety of artists, from Coleman Hawkins to Muhal Richard Adams, and more recently collaborated with names like Archie Shepp, Roswell Rudd and William Parker. Since 1969, he has organized a variety of percussion groups, including Dialogue of the Drums, Pieces of Time and Weights and Measures.

Together these three exceptional artists promise to give local music fans an unforgettable experience as they once again pool their innovative talents and experience for an evening of outstanding, raw jazz.

The 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival will take place from Saturday, Oct. 18 to Sunday, Oct. 26 at Taichung's Peoples' Park and along the adjacent JingGuo Boulevard Parkway. Trio 3 will perform on Saturday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. on the main Peoples' Park stage. For more information, check www.jazzfestival.com.tw

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