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The COMPASS Group > September 2008

The Money Shot Horns

The Money Shot Horns

The Money Shot Horns: Resistance is futile

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Ann Lee

Money Shot is: Dooley Candler - Vocals/Keyboard, Roger Smith - Vocals/Keyboard/Trumpet, Patrick Byrne - Tenor Sax, Andy Francis - Trombone, Wesley James - Trumpet, William Lloyd - Guitar, Darren Jorde - Bass, Hanro "Jubba" van Wyk - Drums

The Money Shot Horns are a funk band, sexy and delicious, all horns and sweat and playful innuendo. Dressed up and playing mostly original modern funk tunes, this band brings crowds to their feet and into a frenzy faster than anyone else playing on the circuit today--and possibly ever in Taiwan. Charismatic singer Dooley Candler channels the energizing force of this large band and blasting horn section and masters the audience like a conductor (both electric and musical). This bombastic sonic freight train will have you on board dancing regardless of any intentions to the contrary: resistance is futile.

Formed from key members of some of the hottest foreign bands in recent years (Milk, Schlumpy, Anglers and others), this is a big band with an all-star cast of talented and hard-working musicians. With Money Shot, they may have hit the jackpot--this is a band that is going places. As musician/manager Patrick Byrne makes very clear, this band is serious about making it big.

Money Shot harks back to a time when the dance floor wasn't ruled by a detached head in a little booth. The show is passionate, personal and interactive in a way impossible for a DJ to create. The band dances and sweats right there with you. The music, though based on funk from the '70s, is fresh, original and topical--though they do toss in the occasional classic.

For a taste, check out their MySpace page (www.myspace.com/themoneyshothorns), pick up a copy of their self-titled EP or, even better, check out one of their shows--they play almost every weekend somewhere on the island.

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