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The COMPASS Group > October 2008

Love Love Rock

Rocking out with the bands is what most people do when they go to a music festival. At Love-Love Rock, you'll also get to go camping, sing along all night and even watch movies on the bech with bandmembers. That's definitely something unique! Every year in April, we all go to Spring Scream and throughout the summer there are several other music festivals, including some of the year's greatest music events. This year central Taiwan will also be hosting another outstanding music event that will leave you wanting more.

Love-Love Rock is a unique Camping-Music Festival which allows you to not only listen to mainstream rock, but also hang out with various musicians and mingle with other music fans. This early-fall event will take place in November in central Taiwan at Miaoli county's Tong-Hsiao Beach Resort. Event host TCM has invited a variety of bands, including haoen & Jia-Jia, Back Quarter, Passiwali, and 88 Balaz as well as other artists to participate in this year's festival. In addition, organizers are giving other bands the opportunity to audition for performances at the festival, with a total of 52 bands to be chosen. Regardless of your band's style or instruments-jazz, fold, or even just a single guitar-all you need is performing confidence to give yourself as much a chance as anyone to perform onstage.

Furthermore, the Love-Love Rock Festival organizer is requesting that musicians among these 52 bands perform more acoustic love songs. There will be a main festival stage with special pyrotechnical and other effects, and campfires will be lit when the clock strikes midnight. At this time, audience members are free to come onstage and perform.

If you'd like to learn more about the Love-Love Rock Festival, there will be updated information on their official website, http://www.loveloverock.com. This fall, Love-Love Rock invites all music lovers to get on the Love-Love Bus and come to this great event to listen to live rock 'n' roll, watch movies and socialize with all kinds of people who share the same interests as you.

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