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The COMPASS Group > November 2008

Ronald Lin


Rock that's out of this world: 1976's "This Planet"

By Ronald Lin (Host of the HitFM Radio Network) Translated by Ann Lee
Pictures by Andy Lin and RIF music corp.Taiwan



Album name:"This Planet"

Where were you in 1976? Were you clad in polyester on the dance floor? A flower child with hippie parents? Not even born yet? In Taiwan, 1976 was the year the Chinese Taipei Little League Baseball lost their chance to play in the championship games and the year Taiwan dropped out of the Montreal Olympic Games.

If you're keen on the live music scene on the island, chances are you've already heard of the band 1976. All born in their namesake year, 1976's members have been playing together or more than a decade. During this time they've released four studio albums and one live concert version, which is full of singles and other great tunes. However, when you realize they have been releasing albums independently all this time, you have to give them kudos for their persistence as well as for their passion for creating a music career of their own.

When it comes to musical influences, band members cite post-punk, new wave and dance-rock genres. Since their formation, they've aimed for a British Rock sound, a goal which has stuck with them through the years. Because of their meticulous effort and passion for such music, they've inspired a large Taiwanese fan base.

After a two-year recording break from their last album, "Still The New Wave Flow", 1976 finally released their fifth album, simply called "1976, This Planet". This album marks their first attempt with an agent, the RIF Music Corporation, and also the first major label release, with Sony-BMG. The group goes all out in "The Planet" with well-known Huang Zhong-yue as the executive producer.

Hopefully, a lot of fans and the media will take this change as a sign that 1976 is moving towards the mainstream and really coming into its own. After listening to the entire album, you'll find that they have not altered their message or sound, and their reflective attitude and respect for life, presented through their lyrics, hasn't been compromised. However, you will hear a few new elements as well as more substance and properly mixed tracks. As far as the music and lyrics go, 1976 has managed to adhere to their usual high standards and have added layers to the music with new instruments and backup singers.

In "1976, This Planet", the band members have pushed themselves to a higher level. They take their listeners on a journey and I truly cannot wait to see where they'll take me next.

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