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The COMPASS Group > March 2009

Ronald Lin


'If I Saw Hell, I Wouldn't Fear the Devil': A creative new direction from Tizzy Bac

By Ronald Lin (Host of the HitFM Radio Network)
Translated by Ann Lee
Pictures by Andy Lin

Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac

Artist/band: Tizzy Bac
Album name: If I Saw Hell, I Wouldn't Fear the Devil
Released by: Wonder Music Co., Ltd.

Established in 1999, local band Tizzy Bac's members are a group of talented artists whose music mainly revolves around a piano and keyboard. Since releasing their debut album, "Anything Can Tempt Me", this trio has won a load of attention from music fans with their one-of-a-kind lyrics, ability to put words and melodies together, and talented song-writing skills. Female lead singer Hui-ting has a voice that many behind-the-scenes music producers, critics and fans adore, and the band was even invited to perform at the 2005 Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

Three years ago, Tizzy Bac put together its second album, "It's My Fault You Turned Out This Way", which won the "Producer of the Year" award at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Their third effort, "If I Saw Hell, I Wouldn't Fear the Devil", is being released in March, 2009. Over the past decade and three albums, the band's musical works and style have shown growth and improvement. Their second album, for example, not only received great reviews from critics and producers, but also garnered strong recognition via local music awards. Therefore, we can expect to see even more outstanding work from this trio in their brand-new album, which was produced by the same team as the second.

This time around, Tizzy Bac has expanded on previous albums' musical styles. Hui-ting's sensitive, observant lyrics still appear in all the songs, and express the band members' emotions and inner searching. Feelings are carefully described via layers of music, creating an aura in this album unlike any other. Hui-ting brings her story-telling skills into each song; the entire album is one big story with a plot that seems to run from one song to the next. Her voice seems more well-rounded and more controlled, and is backed by background harmonizing vocals that she has also written into the songs.

Tizzy Bac's latest music features a more complex, sophisticated sound throughout the album, as the band explores new possibilities. This can be heard in songs like "For the Way I Live", and the very dramatic, new-wave style of the title track, "If I Saw Hell, I Wouldn't Fear the Devil". The song, "Beautiful Grief", features a strong bass sound, while "The Instant and the Thousand Times I See the White Eye" and "Hurry Up and Run, Sun" are both closer to a traditional pop rock style. The producer has enhanced all this with layers of sound effects and back-up vocals, a big change from the band's more unadorned previous sound that promises to take listeners in new directions.

Tizzy Bac's second album saw them categorized as a piano jazz band. This newest release is winning them more of an indie rock label, showing the talent, versatility and constant musical improvements that have made them a hit with local and foreign fans alike. Another plus is the band's collaboration with many new-generation artists on each album. Their latest release saw two up-and-coming artists, Gong-yuan and Hong Yuan-jian, invited to help with album packaging and the excellent music videos. This team of "extreme opposites" has made Tizzy Bac's new album an essential music collection addition for every music fan out there.

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